Welcome to Follio, an online portfolio network that we specifically crafted for students. Whether you study design, business or quantum mechanics, starting a portfolio has never been easier!


Building your portfolio can be difficult,
Follio makes it very simple.

See your own story take shape

Together we'll document your journey through school as it brings you new people, projects and interesting opportunities. You'll end up with a rich profile that shows possible employers examples of the skills that set you apart.

A dynamic life deserves a dynamic portfolio

Your college life is a period of rapid personal growth, full of new experiences. Share your daily or weekly progress with text, pictures, links, videos and documents. You can even collaborate with others by creating projects! In that way your portfolio is always up-to-date.

Step back and look at the bigger picture

We think every student can benefit from creating a portfolio, whether you study marketing or engineering. When you look back at the things you have already accomplished, you will look differently at the road that stretches out ahead. It forces you to think: am I doing what I'm most passionate about? What else is out there?

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Present your study in a new way to potential students by showcasing the work of your current students.

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Hiring the right intern can be tricky. Follio shows you the media that prove how students have developed their skills.